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Cape Fear Chapter Report - August 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on August 2nd at Elizabeth's Pizza with 15 members present.

Chris Severt and Morgan Mehler led the meeting and discussed at length the flow chart of jobs and responsibilities within the Solo program.  We are moving to an Event Chair system where we involve the local solo members into their program and have them take the duties of running an event.  The main hope of this is twofold.  One, with a keen eye on the future of potential Solo Chairs and two, to help delegate many of the duties that have fallen on a few shoulders and to potentially prevent the dreaded burnout.

Triangle Chapter Report - August 2016

The Triangle Chapter Coordinator is on the road this month and tapping this out on an iPhone, so the report will be briefer than usual.

The Triangle Chapter met at the El Rodeo restaurant off Pleasant Valley Road on Wednesday August 3rd. The evening started with videos of recent races at Roebling Road provided by Chuck Hines. Thanks Chuck! The meeting was called to order by Mark Senior around 7:30. It was a light turnout with only 12 members in attendance and no guests. Mark updated everyone on what transpired at the last Board of Directors meeting. 

West Chapter Report - August 2016

After having had our West Chapter meeting at Coopers Ale House for over five years it seems strange to pull into a new parking lot for the first time. With a little luck, we will be holding meetings at Porter House Bar and Grill for at least 5 more years. Having to make changes in things like when and where your meetings will be held and properly notifying your members of the changes is always a chore and not something you want to do any more often than absolutely necessary. The positive here is that we should be able to get some increase in attendance as the space in the meeting room should give us more space for additional attendees. I do realize that this growth doesn’t come from just acquiring a larger room and will take some effort on the part of the members to get out and find new people to come to the meetings. To be honest about this new room I knew going in that there may be at least one possibly small problem right off the bat. There was the chance that the primary meeting room might be being used, but I was told that often the other group did not need the room and that there would be an almost never used room adjacent to the meeting room that could be used if the other group was there and there was also a nice outdoor patio that could be used. Well, as things would be, the other group did show up, the always vacant other room was busy and the weather didn’t make the use of the patio a viable option. This leads me to this announcement: The regular meeting schedule of the West Chapter is now changed to the First Wednesday of each month. Tuesday is no longer meeting day. Please make a note to attend our Chapter meeting on Wednesday. The first Wednesday meeting will be September 7, 2016. Please help getting the word out to everyone living in the area known to be the West Chapter. I consider anyone in SCCA who has a 336 area code to be in our Chapter. I have a mailing list that uses that area code exclusively.

RE Report on Mid-Year Meeting - July 2016

It is tradition each year mid-season that SEDIV calls a meeting of all the RE’s, Area Directors, series officials, stewards, and other interested parties to discuss various topics of interest. Also included in the discussion is a rough draft of the following season’s SEDIV schedule. This year’s meeting was held Saturday, July 16th, at a hotel adjacent to Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. I attended along with Past RE Rex Deffenbaugh. I want to say a special thanks to Rex for accompanying me on the trip. His intros and insight were valuable. I won’t bore you with all the mundane details of the meeting, but there were several topics of interest to NC Region members that I’d like to share with you.

First is our 2017 schedule. It was requested that I submit our anticipated schedule in advance by July 10th. I’m sure back in the 80’s when regions had great flexibility in setting schedules, it might have been possible to do that with some certainty. That is no longer the case and we are pretty much at the mercy of track owners in fighting for dates. Apparently that’s not unique to VIR anymore either.

Pete Romanowski Steps up to Chief Starter

by: Eric Danielsen

The NCR Board of Directors happily accepted Pete Romanowski’s offer to step into the position of Chief Starter. After James Buckberry passed away last month, his position needed to be filled. Pete is already Chief Starter for South Carolina Region and the Petit Le Mans. As a member of the North Carolina Region, it’s fitting that he volunteers to play Chief Starter at VIR.

He plays Chief so well. “I do it for the love of the sport” says Pete, “someone has to do it (Chief Starter), I’m the logical choice. I’ve stepped in for James before. Ten years ago at Kershaw, James asked me to be Chief for the first time, when he couldn’t make it,” Pete recalls.

He’s going to miss James Buckberry. “James and I were like brothers. We’d take care of each other. We’d talk after the races back at the hotel. James used to get up early and leave a cup of coffee for me outside my door. I’m going to miss the little things like that” Pete reminisces.

“I’m not going to do this forever. Hopefully by the end of next Spring I’ll have someone to take my place as Chief Starter” dreams Pete.

West Chapter Report - July 2016

This report finds us back at Jerry Pell’s building at 307 S Swing Road in Greensboro. As this building has no food service, Jerry gave me some money and said, ”let’s have a cookout”. I sent out 134 emails to the members of NCR who should be attending the monthly meetings of the West Chapter to advise them of the new meeting site and the picnic and new meeting time.

The weather didn’t get an invitation and we had a small turnout for both the eats and the meeting. The cookout was held behind the building, which put us on the basement floor, which was on level with back parking lot, so no one had any particular problems getting into the building except James Buckberry, who was getting about on crutches due to a broken leg he had suffered only a short time before that most of us knew nothing about. When the time came to end the cookout and go to the conference room on the floor above everyone got up and went upstairs. Unfortunately, James found getting up the stairs on his crutches more than he could handle and went back home rather than to the meeting. Just imagine, the remorse we all felt the next day when the sad news circulated that James had passed away at home on Wednesday. In retrospect I can think of the ways I wish I had handled the situation Tuesday night differently, but then you know what they say about hindsight. A great number of James’s friends and family spent last Tuesday in Liberty, NC trying to get over losing our dear friend. Our racing program and our West Chapter meetings will not be the same in the future. I am sure that the memory of James will be a part of all the NCR does for a long time to come and I hope I can keep his memory alive for you.

Triangle Chapter Report - July 2016

The Triangle Chapter of the NCR SCCA met at the El Rodeo Restaurant on July 6, 2016. There were 15 members in attendance and 2 non-member/guests for a total of 17. The 2 guests were Leigh Ann Hobgood and Olivia Piner, daughter of (“I finally made it to a Chapter Meeting Doug Piner”).

The evening started with food, drink, and video taken from Mark Senior’s Miata during the MARRS-SARRC weekend up at Summit Point including Steve Rose and Ricky Thompson flying through the field after sand bagging at the start.

In his usual lackadaisical manner, Mark called the meeting to order around 7:30 and introduced guests. Mark reported on the past month’s BOD and Competition Board meetings including:

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