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F&C Newsletter - April 9, 2014

North Carolina Region SCCA F&C

VIR Spring Sprints - April 18th - 20th, 2014


The long cold winter is finally over and spring is here! What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than a trip to VIR for the Spring Sprints. Three wonderful days of The Majors. National races that are always a thrill. If you've not signed up to work yet, go immediately to and register now.

As always, we are really in need of workers for Friday, so if you can make it, we would really appreciate it. 

Triangle Chapter Report - April 2014

The April meeting of the Triangle Chapter went off in fine style, despite the turn-out being a bit low for this time of year. Maybe it was Spring fever or perhaps folks are getting ready for the upcoming Majors event in two weeks.  In any case, we had in-car video provided by Chuck Hines of his recent outing at CMP in Kershaw in the rain, where he finished 5th in ITS both days, driving his Miata.  Yes, that’s the same Chuck Hines who just got his racing license back.  He wasted no time getting back in the fray chasing those SARRC points. And yes, he drove a Miata in ITS.  Seems you can race Mazda’s little roadster in that class too if you have a mind to.  That must be irritating to the Camaro and Porsche boys who’ve taken to sporting the “Zoom Zoom my A**” stickers at the track lately. Well, they are about to be more irritated I think. According to Grassroots Motorsports, NASA has just certified a sports racer based on Gen 1 and Gen 2 Miata mechanicals.  Can SCCA be far behind?  Only time will tell.  And I think Chuck will also improve his position as he spends more time on track.  Thanks for sharing, big guy!

Cape Fear Chapter Report - April 2014

The Cape Fear Chapter held their April meeting on April 1st at Elizabeth's Pizza off Market Street. As usual we are always greeted with a warm reception and great food by the staff of Elizabeth's. We had a small crowd of 11 members present for the meeting.

The meeting opened up with a welcome from John Byers, CFC Coordinator and NCR Solo Chair. We discussed all the upcoming events that are fast approaching the Cape Fear area during the months of April and May with Cape Fear members participating:

Notes on the SCCA National Convention

The 2014 SCCA National Convention was held in Charlotte, NC on March 7-9. Attending, on behalf of the NC Region was Mark Senior. Following are his notes on the sessions he attended:

Risk Management session - SCCA National wants all forms electronically. NCR needs to check on what damage at our events is covered, as we may be able to claim things like track damage. Things which may be damaged, such as Armco, are covered. Their comment was, “When in doubt, send it in”. There are deductibles to take into account. In order to make a claim, NCR needs to complete incident reports and needs someone to fill them out. There is also an event request form for coverage of meetings and other non-competitive events. It was also noted that if we hire anyone to work for us, we need to get a certificate of insurance.

Triangle Chapter Report - March 2014

The March meeting of the Triangle Chapter went off in fine style. Our resident videographer, Justin Deffenbaugh, brought us in-car video of his dad, RE Rex Deffenbaugh, competing in the NASA-sanctioned Sandblast Rally down in South Carolina. What a hoot! We saw him and his co-driver barreling along those sandy trails in Cheraw, at least for the first five miles or so, until they broke an axle. Whoops! Maybe it was because Rex, the navigator, was wearing his new red racing shoes instead of his lucky old blue ones. Or maybe it was because switching to a limited-slip diff wasn’t the hot set up in Randy Deaton’s Honda Civic. But they needed some way to limit wheel spin because Randy, the driver, only knows one throttle position, flat out. Anyway, sorry you broke, guys. Better luck next year!

RE Report - March 2014

RE’s Report on the SEDiv Annual Meeting

On January 18-19, the Southeast Division Annual Meeting was held at the Sea Palms in St. Simons, Georgia. Mark Senior and I attended several of the sessions and our reports are detailed below:

Tech Meeting, led by Fred Clark.

Fred discussed the tech tools available to all the Regions. They included a whistler for measuring compression ratio, including a new adapter for Mini Coopers; a special tool for measuring bore and stroke “in-situ”; an electronic meter for measuring roll bar thickness without drilling a hole; and a fuel tester. Fred noted that the best way to have these items shipped is via bus (Greyhound). On the subject of fuel testing, it was noted that NCR’s Chief of Tech, Buddy Matthews, is likely the only one still testing. Others take a sample at the track and send it off to be tested. It was noted that as soon as we come up with a system to test the fuel, folks come up with a way to beat it. Fred brought up the topic of “REM” coating of parts (transmission). It was agreed there was no way to detect it, so we should just allow coatings.

Triangle Chapter Report - February 2014

The first meeting of the Triangle Chapter for 2014 was held on February 5th at our usual spot, the El Rodeo restaurant in the Townridge Shopping Center in Raleigh. No one had any video to share, but those present were not short on enthusiasm for the new season at VIR. We can’t wait to see the newly repaved and reconfigured surface! And the track isn’t the only thing that’s new. Lots of things are changing in the Region and in the Southeast Division.

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