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Save The Date! August 9th - 2nd Annual NCR Picnic

Registration is open!

The North Carolina Region Picnic will be held on August 9, 2014 in NE Guilford County, at North East Park, 4010 High Rock Road, Gibsonville. We’ll get started about 9am and have the park until 8pm. We have secured the use of one of the shelters, which will accommodate about 50. This is a large park with several features that should be of interest to all ages of your family…a Carousel, miniature Golf, and ball fields of many types. There is also an aquatic center for your swimming enjoyment.

Triangle Chapter Report -- August 2014

RALEIGH, NC (NCR SCCA) -- The August meeting of the Triangle Chapter was a lively affair despite there being no new video to share. But we did have some new faces and several others who had not been around in some time. So we did round-robin introductions (or re-introductions) so we could learn what everyone had been up to.

Cape Fear Chapter Report - July 2014

July Cape Fear Chapter Meeting report:

Meeting had 12 members and 1 guest present.  We started the meeting off with introductions and quickly moved on to the business of the meeting.

I.  Debrief of Points events #2 & 3 at Cherry Point MCAS

It was a very hard and trying weekend with a myriad of issues.  We had to call the event early on Saturday due to a quick moving thunderstorm that moved in.  We had one run group that never got afternoon runs in forcing us to revert back to morning runs and call the event based on 3 runs.  No awards given due to having to vacate the runway asap due to lightning.

Sunday just continued the trend with EMS being dispatched to the event twice over the course of the day as well as multiple timing and scoring system issues.  The event was called early when an NCR member collapsed in grid shortly after lunch and had to be taken to the hospital.  The event was once again called based on morning runs only.  No awards were given.

Triangle Chapter Report - July 2014

The Triangle Chapter met the Wednesday before July 4th as usual, but the turn-out was low. I guess people were already starting their holiday weekends, since there were no SARRC races scheduled for that weekend (How can that be?). But those of us who attended had a good time and there were a couple of interesting things to share. The first was that Mike Spencer brought his long-time family friend Marcie from upstate New York to meet us. She’s been down to visit before and even attended a race at VIR last year. We did round-robin introductions so she could get to know us all and feel more at home. Who knows? With a warm welcome from us and the weather, she might just relocate. Hey! Isn’t that what Cary stands for – “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees”? In any case, nice to meet you, Marcie! Welcome!

Solo Champion, James Feinberg Passes

The Turn @ MCAS Cherry Point, June 22, 2014 -- The SCCA Solo community and NC Region lost one of its most beloved members this morning as James Feinberg passed, surrounded by Solo friends. James succumbed to an undetermined condition while hospitalized after collapsing at this event on Sunday.

Feinberg, seen below after winning the Super Challenge at the DC Pro, claimed a Solo National Championship in 2011. More than a fierce competitor behind the wheel, however, James was known nationwide as a magnetic personality within our sport. Jim always met our community and approached competition with a smile.

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Cape Fear Chapter Report - June 2014

The Cape Fear Chapter meeting was held on June 3rd at Elizabeth's Pizza.  We had a decent crowd of 13 members and 1 guest present.  Several topics were discussed at the meeting:

1)   Cancellation of the Smiles per Gallon event

·         Discussed what caused event cancellation

·         Reviewed steps taken since then to prevent future issues

·         Announced replacement date of November 15-16, 2014

o   Discussed ideas on how to make it a Two-day event like a National Tour

Observer's Report for SARRC/MARRS 2014

Click here to see the Observer's Report for the SARRC/MARRS Challenge, held at VIR on May 10-11, 2014.

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