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Pre-registration for Annual Awards Dinner now Open

Pre-registration for NCR's Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner, to be held on January 10th, is now open. The Region is subsidizing the meal as always, so it’s a real bargain at $25 per individual or $40 per couple. You cannot go out to dinner anywhere and have a really nice meal for that, so it’s quite a bargain. The festivities will be in Wilmington this year at the Coastline Convention Center. See map here. More info here. See ya there!

West Chapter Report - 2014 Season

Most of the West Chapter  meetings were very unimpressive, had one attended them to be impressed. For the most, I would call them more friendly get-togethers where a dozen or so kindred spirits with a common bond came together at a place called Cooper’s Ale House to see how the others were doing and share a meal, a drink, and about an hour of catching up with each other.

Triangle Chapter Report - December 2014

The year’s last meeting of the Triangle Chapter was short and sweet. Those attending seemed content just to eat, drink, and swap stories about earlier races and holiday plans. There wasn’t much to discuss, other than the upcoming Region elections and the awards dinner. For officers, we have a pretty full slate of candidates to choose from. And some were on hand to speak to us. The full list of candidates and their bios are available here, so I won’t repeat all that information, but rather just highlight what transpired at our meeting.

Triangle Chapter Report - November 2014

We had a great meeting of the Triangle Chapter on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo, in the Townridge Shopping Center. Lots of folks attended and we had some eager bench racing. Since the last two events of the racing season had just finished up, that’s about all we did, but we had a great time doing it!

The Chapter saluted our newest driver, William Wallace, on his inaugural outing at VIR. William joined up a year or so ago because he had a hot ‘69 Camaro that he wanted to get on track. The build had a ways to go and he enlisted the advice of the Region’s top tech guy, Buddy Matthews, before completing it. Now it runs in ITE. William finished his driver’s schools at Sebring this year but just got around to finishing the car in time for the Goblins Go. What a first go it was too, because the diff failed in his first race and he parked it at station 11. But in true SCCA fashion, William called an old friend who had a differential to spare, went and got it, and with the aid of his Air Force buddy and fellow new member, Kyle Jackson, they got the car back together about two in the morning. The race on Sunday was as smooth as the one on Saturday was bumpy, and William has a class win in ITE and a new competition license to prove it. Congratulations, man!

Triangle Chapter Report - October 2014

The October meeting of the Triangle Chapter was well-attended and came off in fine style. Everyone was eagerly anticipating our next 2 races, and many members had just come back from the SARRC Invitational Challenge at Daytona where the SEDIV championships were decided last weekend. Justin Deffenbaugh crewed for Steve Rose at Daytona and provided us with in-car video. It was exciting!

The situation in IT-7 was a repeat of last year. Steve was tied in points with his closest competitor for the championship. Whoever won the race would win the IT-7 SARRC Championship. Last year it was Steve who emerged victorious. Could he do it again? The tension was high as we rode along with Steve. But unfortunately we were witness to the spin that cost him the title. Oh man, so close! But second place in a competition that close is nothing to sneeze at. Good job, Steve! Thanks, Justin! That video will be on YouTube as soon as it’s edited, he said.

Triangle Chapter Report - September 2014

The Triangle Chapter meeting for September was fairly well attended, even though no one had any video to share. Hey guys! Are those GoPros broken? Don’t just tell us you won. Bring video!

One member who had no video brought the next best thing, a picture of himself and one of him in the car, participating in the Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb V, as shown in the latest issue of Grassroots Motorsports. Turn to page 66 of issue #6, volume 13, and you’ll see Marvin Fordham behind the wheel of his gorgeous British Racing Green BSP TR8! Marvin was one of four participants that GRM chose to profile in that article. Way to go Marvin! I’m guessing you’ll be a participant at Chasing the Dragon 7, coming up September 13 and 14th. The event is held twice a year near Robbinsville, NC and is hosted by Central Carolinas Region.

Triangle Chapter Report -- August 2014

RALEIGH, NC (NCR SCCA) -- The August meeting of the Triangle Chapter was a lively affair despite there being no new video to share. But we did have some new faces and several others who had not been around in some time. So we did round-robin introductions (or re-introductions) so we could learn what everyone had been up to.

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